1. Overview

Acelle Mail also comes with SaaS (Software As A Service) features that enable you to manage and sell your email service to your users. In general, a common workflow is:

2. Administration

2.1. Setup payment methods

Go to admin's Plan > Payment Methods to setup the preferred payment method. As of version 3.0.0, Acelle Mail supports the followings:

Braintree is a payment platform that allows you to accept payment by PayPal or credit cards. If you do not have a Braintree account, sign up for one at https://www.braintreepayments.com

Choose the payment methods you prefer and enter the Braintree credentials, then enable it. Once successfully configured, users who buy the service plan will be able to pay you through the payment method.

2.2. Create service plans

Acelle Mail allows you to create/edit a service plan which will be available for your customers to subscribe to. Service plans represent a particular business offer. It defines the allocation of your resources, such as sending credits / mail lists / automations / subscribers / campaigns... and other features are offered to your customers.

You can go to admin's Plan > Plans to see the existing plans. You can create a new plan or edit an existing one.

Note b * By default, when you setup the application, a default plan named Default shall be created for you

2.3. Manage subscriptions

This feature allows you to see the details of your customers' subscription. You can approve a payment, enable or disable a subscription. Let's look at a common scenario:

As an administrator, you can go to admin's Customer > Subscription to see all these subscriptions. Subscription

Possible states of a subscription includes:

Life cycle of a subscription includes:

2.4. Setup sending servers

Campaign emails are actually delivered by a sending server which is an SMTP server or a 3rd service like Amazon SES or SendGrid. So, we need to setup the sending servers for the system customers. There are two types of customer in Acelle Mail:

Note when it comes to actually send an email. If there are more than one sending server available, then one will be selected using fitness proportionate selection. You can configure how likely a sending server is selected by setting its fitness value when assigning sending servers to a service plan or subscription. The higher the fitness value of a sending server is, the more likely it is to be selected. Fitness